Sunday, March 30, 2008


Have you ever tried to find computer generated art on the internet. It is kind of interesting in that there are various styles. Like POV Ray stuff, which is nice if you want photo realistic images. Then on the other end you have people with very abstract art, or my least favorite, crap created with Bryce 3d or WinFract. I really hate the last 2 since the person pretty much tries to color something in some meaningful fashion. It usually ends up looking like crap. Granted I found those programs interesting to play with, but in 10 years I have moved on. Personally I don't like the abstract art, but that is a preference. I like some of the POV Ray stuff mostly because I like realism. One thing I ran across when searching was more of an impressionist style of computer art. Some of the pictures seem to be very similar, but there are a bunch. I personally like this one of a bunch of cat tails, I think I like it because of the colors.There are some other images that I found but on a different site, that look like nice abstract landscapes and I find it pleasing. Below are both of the sites if you are interested:

John Art
Generative Art

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