Tuesday, September 18, 2007

About Myself

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Bob the Super Hamster. This blog has nothing to do with hamsters, their care, or owning them. I just always thought it would be funny to have a hamster named "Bob the Super Hamster". Here in you will find my rants and ravings about what I find wrong or incorrect. If you want to insult me on my blog feel free, it is the internet, everyone is entitled to there opinion and I am entitled to not care.

So who am I, well:
I am a person who is despised by both political parties. I find my self more closely affiliated with the libertarian party, more socially liberal (you can do what you want), but fiscally conservative (government should be as small as possible).

In my personal and work life I try to be a efficient as possible. I believe in conservation and maximizing the use of resources. I think recycling is a good thing (especially metal and glass). I think renewable energy is good when done right, and that we need more nuclear power.

As for hobbies I spend a lot of my time fixing up my house and yard that the previous owners didn't take care of. I also like cars I have a 97' BMW 540i and a 68' MG midget that is in the process of being restored. I tend to like the small cars they tend to have a more sporty feel but my wife insisted that I get a "family" car, so I got the funnest car I could afford, although I really wanted a new BMW M5.

I have a BS in Computer Science, math minor which I received from a MNSCU school (Not part of the U of M system). I went to grades k-12 here in Minnesota.

I have seen more of the world than most people my age (27), in having lived and worked in Paris, France for 3 months, and from there visited Belgium, Germany, Ireland, England, and Spain on the weekends. I also spent 2 weeks in India conducting a training and 9 days in Russia doing support for my current job. I have also had the chance to visit Canada and Mexico. I also have a fascination with people from different countries mostly from my days in college and still am in regular contact with people from all 6 inhabited continents, and one day would like to visit the 4 that I have not been to.

I work for a rather large company in the twin cities as a programmer. The primary work that is done at this location is programming, but because some of what might be in this blog might go contrary to company policy I choose not to identify myself or my employer because I like my job.

Some sites I tend to read are:

So feel free to see what I read to and where I get my information from. I also like Auto Talk with Paul Brand on AM1500 KSTP which can be heard on Saturday 3pm to 6pm and Sunday noon to 2 pm. Additionally I like to listen to Coast to Coast AM because sometimes it is good for a laugh with the amount of BS that makes it on, and hey it is no more fake than most TV and more entertaining.

So that should give you some idea of who I am and I am sure by now a bunch of people can't wait to mock me, so have at it.

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